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Sergei V. Rjabchikov succeeded in decoding the Proto-Slavonic script ("cherty" and "rezy"), the texts of Linear A and of the Phaistos Disk. The Etruscan-Slavonic lexical parallels have been offered. These and other results are published in Rjabchikov 1998.

Reading of a Linear A Text

by Sergei V. Rjabchikov

Let us study a text of the mysterious Linear A (see figure 1). Such a Cretan tablet reads as follows (I use the reading of the syllables of Linear B):


Figure 1.

Ti-ru-te HEAD OF A HORNED ANIMAL ga-we-te-pi-ta-de-re ja-re-le ne-tu-se-ta-bu EAGLE u EAGLE a-ri-la-a-ru-la.

This text reads in the modern Russian sounding: Darish' HEAD OF A HORNED ANIMAL Govyade -- put' Zhare -- Yarile. Ne tushi, tebe EAGLE u EAGLE orel, orel. -- 'You make a present to the Bull -- the way for the Heat -- for (the god) Yarila. Do not extinguish (the fire), the two eagles are a present for you'.

The first word of this tablet is presented on Side A of the Phaistos Disk as well.

In my opinion, the word ga-we-te (cf. the generic determinative HEAD OF A HORNED ANIMAL) corresponds to Church Slavonic govyada 'bulls and cows'. In this text it is an image of the Slavonic deity Yarila. Conceivably this god was associated with the legendary bull Minotaur of the mythology of the ancient Crete.

Reading of the Text of the Phaistos Disk

by Sergei V. Rjabchikov


Figure 2A,B.

This Cretan text reads in the modern Russian sounding:

Side A: Horovo Kolo zhivee, Horov Vit -- Kolo. Mar u Ognya, egda ne Mar. Kon' gotovise. Mar tya zhivee. Mar. Kon' gotovise. Lukaz Hadd, darish' k Vitu. V Mare Ogn' shume. Dare Yarila. Rychish', darish' lyub Ga-Kolo.

Side B: Dar, stareesh', Datovina. Tyagztsya Shchedroti -- Bogateyshiy. Darish' vygodu, Stare Shchedroti. Darish' L'shchat Shchedroti k Es. Yaz, devin Kyat, gnah v ippishche k Haose. Lyulyam vlyubite -- spi u Ga-Kolo-Dub. Yaz, Kolo bogatyh ipya. Esi Lati, v Dare daryu.

Signs Ph2 and Ph12 are the calendar symbols ("seven twenty-four hours"). Other comments are published in Rjabchikov 1998.


Rjabchikov, Sergei V., 1998. Drevnie texty slavyan i adygov. Krasnodar: Torgovo-promyshlennaya palata Krasnodarskogo kraya.

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The Preliminary Report on the Decipherment of the Proto-Slavonic Writing System

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