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by Sergei V. Rjabchikov

Let us consider the segment of a text with Scythian/Sarmatian signs inscribed on the marble sculpture No 1 of the lion from the ancient town Olbia (Ukraine) (Drachuk 1975: table XLV), see figure 1.

Figure 1.

I read the Scythian/Sarmatian signs 12 26-26 so ru-ru, cf. Scythian/Sarmatian so 'the sun; shine; heat; light; eye; bright', ru-ru 'to make a lot of noise; the terrific noise' (the symbolism of the sun and thunderstorm, life-giving liquid, reproduction, and growth), cf. Old Indian ru 'noise; to make any noise; to cry aloud; to break to pieces; cutting; dividing', ruh 'to grow'.

Now let us consider a wooden box for spoons of the end of 19th century (Republic of Dagestan, Russia) (Molotova 1981: the section The Art of Peoples of the North Caucasus, illustration 25). A wooden ornament is attached to the box. This symbol can be compared with the Scythian/Sarmatian signs 12 26-26 which are inverted in this case. Furthermore, I distinguish three figurines of heads of horses which are attached to the box. So here the images of the Scythian/Sarmatian heavenly horses associated with the sun, fire and thunderstorm are shown.

I found the following parallel in the Dagestani mythology: Ass is the deity of thunder and lightning. In the Russian mythology the character Finist Yasny Sokol 'Finist - the Clear/Bright Falcon' is presented. The words ass and yasny come from Scythian/Sarmatian a-so 'from the sun; clear; bright'.


Drachuk, V.S., 1975. Sistemy znakov Severnogo Prichernomor'ya (Tamgoobraznye znaki severopontiyskoy periferii antichnogo mira pervych vekov nashey ery). Kiev.

Molotova, L.N., 1981. Narodnoe iskusstvo Rossiyskoy Federatsii iz sobraniya Gosudarstvennogo muzeya etnografii narodov SSSR. Leningrad.

Copyright © 2005 by Sergei V. Rjabchikov. All Rights Reserved.

Published 1 August 2005.

Sergei V. Rjabchikov, Krasnodar, RUSSIA.

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